Since the time TEA was introduced to Ceylon, our country benefited from this miraculous plant and it has built our nation. Till date the appreciation and love for TEA is strongly felt in our heart and we have a passion to continue this journey with TEA for years to come. They say once you are a TEA man you will always be a TEA man.
This is how much we love our TEA business and how much we want to preserve it for new generations. TEA is unique to our economy and our way of life, we drink tea as a habit and consider we are very fortunate people to cultivate TEA and share it with the rest of the world. We trade TEA since the 18th century across the world, secrets of planting, processing, blending and packaging is passed on to the generations by experts who dedicated themselves for this trade.

We love TEA as Sri Lankans, we have built a history over the success of TEA plantations, simply the TEA you consume today is the result of those who dedicated for the progress of this trade in the last two centuries. We believe drinking a pure CEYLON cup of tea complete our empty space between the rest of the activities that we engage daily. It is amazing how you can change your mood and relax your senses to carry on.

Since the time trading started as an affordable natural drink among rich and poor due to it is smooth unique nature, countries around the world started buy and trading tea. Like Sri Lankans attached to this product, there are millions across the world joined us and celebrate the pure CEYLON flavors.

Sri Lankans are proud of introducing TEA to the world and continue to improve it is benefits to the consumers. Travel to any part of the world, we see our TEA is on supermarket shelves and we are referred as CEYLON tea traders. We accept that with a sense of pride and we have contributed this unique product to the world and we are the world’s best tea producers, there is no argument.

TEA TRUST is another bright spot in the trade that is added to the success. People managing this company has come from various backgrounds of TEA processing. Senior management started as TEA planters and later joined by international traders to process for exporting.

When we talk about exporting TEA and we have understood the mechanism of blending it right to suite the regions. With our experience, we advise the client depending on their taste, climate as the water in the ground play a major role while brewing. These details are explained and thought to our valued buyers as we believe the success achieved by sharing knowledge and experience.

Many clients come to us for buying tea without prior experience and walk out with so much knowledge and passion to make their business ventures successful. Our understanding and commitment drive them to be more serious and continue towards greater success. We help them plan many vital factors such as buying the right product, blending according to the taste, packaging and marketing.

We believe the correct product will set your mind free as the exporter, buyer and consumer. In-house TEA tasting and blending according to the buyer is very carefully managed, designing private labels and exporting door to door is also well coordinated. We have over three decades of experience for doing what we do, TEA TRUST team continue to take utmost care while interacting with our partners to make this venture always a success. We believe your success will contribute to our growth of this business years to come.